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Blog for One Year in Colorado: a timelapse + drone landscape film

music: "Seven Stars" by Luke Atencio

An exploration of Colorado's landscapes and seasons, filmed over the first year after moving to the Denver area.

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Life Above 5,000ft: Colorado + Utah 2015
One entire month of filming in Western Colorado, with occasional trips into Utah; captured with two drones, and two timelapse cameras.

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On the Road in Iceland
A 16 day trip to Iceland during fall 2014, including Aurora timelapse
and a trip around the Hringvedur, the Ring-Road.

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Lost in Catalonia: Montserrat to Tamarit
For years I've wanted to travel to Barcelona and the Catalan region of Spain. In the summer of 2014, the opportunity presented itself.
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Night Visions: Astro La Palma
An Amazing Timelapse Tour: I did not think that I'd be able to travel to an island over 3,000 miles away from home for a photography trip. However, in late summer 2013 I heard about a week-long workshop.
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Milky Way, an Amazing Sunrise, and a Bear
A Night on top at Clingmans Dome, GSMNP; including Milky Way photos, some Light Painting, an amazing sunrise, and a chance meeting with a black bear. (read more)

Night Motion Timelapse: Outer Banks
I started thinking about a location near me for astrophotography. The Outer Banks was a natural, unlike most places near the East Coast, it has very dark skies with little light pollution. I went to Salvo, N.C. under the new moon in April and.. (see more)

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