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Flights of Solitude: Colorado Summer + Fall 2017


Flights of Solitude: Colorado Summer + Fall 2017 is an exploration of Colorado's landscapes using the DJI Inspire2 drone.

The title, "Flights of Solitude", reflects one of my secret passions: going to a beautiful natural place with virtually nobody around, and filming landscapes, especially using the new DJI Inspire2 drone with cinema-quality video capture.

This short film includes scenes from central Colorado, including the Rampart Range, the Lake City region, San Luis Valley, and Mt. Sherman, as well as my home town of Littleton.

In May and early June 2017, I spent a night camping at South Clear Creek Falls, and stayed two more days in Lake City, and took Hinsdale County Road 20 to the Alpine Loop.

On June 20th, I went up to Mt. Sherman, spent the night taking Milky Way timelapse images near the Hilltop Mine at 12,900ft, and then flew the drone nearby the next morning. The long stay at altitude and this hike exhausted me and depleted my body of oxygen; it took me over 3 days to recover.

On October 10th, the Rampart Range experienced the first snowfall of the autumn, and I was up early and driving to Devil's Head to capture this. I spent most of the morning driving on a dirt road in 6 inches of slushy snow (video: By afternoon, most of this snow was gone to the Colorado sun and winds.

In late October, I went on a two-day camping trip to the San Luis Valley, flying the drone at Natural Arch near La Garita, Elephant Rocks near Del Norte, and capturing a memorable sunset at Sun Luis Lakes.

At the very end of the film, there's a clip of the DJI Inspire 2 drone landing on a giant stone at Sheeprock in the Pike National Forest.

Occasionally I regret not filming more "iconic" locations (such as Maroon Bells), but in 2017, this has been my meditation, my sabbatical, my mental recovery time. Please enjoy sharing in my solitude for 3 minutes!

Flickr Album for Flights of Solitude:

Filmed in DNG/RAW and ProRes 4444 XQ
Lenses: Olympus 12mm, 25mm, DJI 15mm

final shot: Sony A7RII + Rokinon 24mm

Locations include:
San Luis Lake
Fourmile Creek / Mt. Sherman
Lake City's Alpine Loop CR-20
South Clear Creek Falls (between Lake City / Creede, Colorado)
Sheeprock (in the Pike National Forest)
S. Platte River, Littleton, Colorado
Chatfield Colorado State Park
Natural Arch, near La Garita
Elephant Rocks, near Del Norte
Devil's Head / Rampart Range
Mt. Sherman's abandoned Hilltop Mine

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