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Night Visions: Astro La Palma (6 min short film)

please watch this in HD + fullscreen
available for festival screenings or as science / stock footage up to 4K

Blog for Night Visions: Astro La Palma
An Amazing Timelapse Tour: "At first, I did not seriously think that I would be able to travel to an island over 3,000 miles away from home for a photography trip. However, in late summer 2013 I heard about a week-long workshop.."
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Milky Way, an Amazing Sunrise, and a Bear
A Night on top at Clingmans Dome, GSMNP; including Milky Way photos, some Light Painting, an amazing sunrise, and a chance meeting with a black bear. (read more)

Geminid Meteors on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Featured on National Geographic Newswatch for February 27, 2013. Filmed at Black Balsam Knob near milepost 421 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. (read more)

Biltmore 2012 Annual Christmas Tree Raising Celebration
Produced by Bonesteel Films for Biltmore estate. Bonesteel hired us as lead photographer and time-lapse expert to handle the shoot.. please have a look at the results!
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Startrails Timelapse Carolina featured on PetaPixel
"Each image appears for a duration of 4-6 seconds and then dissolves. As the stars move through the sky, the net effect is they appear to move and leave trails. The layers are blended using the Lighten blend mode..." (read more)

Night Motion Timelapse: Outer Banks
I started thinking about a location near me for astrophotography. The Outer Banks was a natural, unlike most places near the East Coast, it has very dark skies with little light pollution. I went to Salvo, N.C. under the new moon in April and.. (see more)

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